Child Development and Assessment

Knowing how children develop is essential in meeting each child's needs. Recognize developmental differences and uniqueness among typically developing children, and ways to consider if a child’s development is atypical. Identify ways to partner with families. Examine the types of assessment tools to plan play experiences.

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Creating Special Spaces for Young Children

Young children deserve well-planned environments that meet their individual needs. Discover how to provide well-planned, safe and secure environments, designed to meet children's developmental needs and interests. Gain suggestions on how to create environments that support curriculum goals and early learning standards.

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Early Childhood: It's a Family Thing

When educators partner with children's families, children are empowered to learn and grow. Discuss the growing complexity of families. Gain specific strategies for building trusting relationships and creating collaborative partnerships with families to build a solid educational foundation for children.

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Maintaining Health and Safety Practices

Policies and procedures related to health and safety practices are a key component of high quality care. Reflect on laws, regulations, and procedures regarding health and safety practices. Recognize symptoms of common childhood diseases and understand how to implement procedures to prevent them.

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Professionalism in Early Childhood

Providing the highest quality services to children and families requires educators to meet professional and ethical standards of conduct. Look closely at the benefits of using reflective practices for professional growth and discover the characteristics of a professional in early care and education field.

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Responsive Interactions and Guidance

Early childhood educators strive to establish warm and secure relationships with children in their care. Unfold strategies for building strong relationships with families while supporting social and emotional development. Recognize the importance of responsive interactions, positive guidance, exploration, and play.

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