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Choose from a variety of online courses covering topics such as Basic Beef Cattle Production, Herd Management, Beef Quality Assurance, Cattle Evaluation, TAMU Horse Judging and more.

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Market Cow Management

Market cow and bull sales generally represent 10-25% of most operation's income but are not managed as well as other aspects. In this course, you will learn how to maximize their market potential. This course covers the factors that affect market potential, such as body condition scoring, health and bruising.

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Cattle Nutrition: Feeds & Feeding

This course is for ranchers wanting to learn more about the many different aspects of beef cattle nutrition. After you complete the course, you will have a better understanding of ruminant nutrition, forages, grain, ration development, trace minerals, and supplementation.

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Cattle Evaluation

When evaluating cattle, it's important to know what to look for. Join beef cattle experts as they walk you through four modules of cattle evaluation, which include Structural Design of Cattle, Muscling of Cattle, Using Ultrasound to Determine Carcass Traits, and Movement and Balance of Cattle.

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Cattle Value: Feeder Calf to Boxed Calf

Do you want to learn more about factors that affect Beef Cattle Value throughout the entire production chain? This course is designed to help you maximize beef cattle value in your operation by learning how to quality and yield grade parts of a carcass, as well as how to predict the value of cattle before you purchase them.

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Creating Value Through Low Stress Handling

We believe that proper handling of cattle will potentially help you make more money. Participants will learn effective methods such as developing a point of balance, controlling the speed of the herd, switching eyes, low-stress management on horseback, and many other techniques to implement in everyday practice.

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