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Number and Operations for Preschoolers

Experience a variety of counting activities and developmentally appropriate approaches for teaching addition and subtraction. Explore principles, objectives, and developmental stages of counting and examine ways to support children’s counting in everyday situations. Number and operations tasks for preschoolers are provided.

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Plan It, Build It, Try It: Engineer at Work

Children identify a problem, use stuff to make stuff that does stuff to solve the problem. Learn about research related to engineering design with preschoolers and ideas/activities to encourage and support children in becoming junior engineers. Planning, building, and testing out are the engineering skills of the future.

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Responsive, Effective Language Interactions

Why and how to strengthen language through responsive and effective interactions with infants and toddlers helps teachers understand the importance of early language experiences. Learn ways to promote infants' and toddlers' language development. Multiple strategies for effective, responsive communications are given.

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Spaceship Earth and Beyond

Using inquiry-based learning, engage preschoolers in developmentally appropriate critical thinking about earth and objects in the sky, what happens during changes in the earth and sky and how children demonstrate care for the environment. Learn to guide children’s scientific thinking about light, shadows, sun and rainbows.

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Teaching with a Purpose (DAP)

Understanding the meaning and implication of developmentally appropriate practices in a classroom, as well as teacher/child interactions based on those practices is introduced. Effective characteristics of developmentally appropriate practices, the value of intentional teaching and strategies to use are also introduced.

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Technology Tools to Solve Problems

Technology is everywhere! How can we prepare preschool-age children for a future that hasn’t been invented yet? Explore research and trends in technology to make the teaching and learning process more engaging. Discover strategies to help children learn science, engineering, and mathematics using more than just computers.

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The Journey of Language Development

Delve into various aspects of language development, how those look in the infant and toddler years, and ways to strengthen that development. You will explore the universal stages of language development. Finally, the various milestones during the first three years will be presented.

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Understand the Role of Play in ECE

During play, children escape the constraints of reality where the usual meanings of objects can be ignored and new meanings substituted. Explore the definitions and theories important to the concept of play, appropriate play materials and how to support learning and play in early childhood classrooms.

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Using STEM to Build Brains

Developmentally appropriate preschool STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) experiences give young children opportunities to develop divergent thinking, problem solving, and cause and effect. Experiences have great potential to affect brain development during the crucial early childhood window of opportunity.

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