Online Courses for Elected Officials

Choose from a variety of online courses that count as continuing education for elected county government officials in Texas. Courses are developed by the V.G. Young Institute of County Government for judges and county commissioners, property tax professionals, tax assessors and collectors, and more.

Motor Vehicle Sales Tax & Fee Collections

This course will help Tax Assessor-Collectors understand the duties for collecting motor vehicle sales tax, duties for remitting motor vehicle sales tax to the Comptroller, bonding requirements, procedures for retaining the annual commission, and records retention policies for documents related to these duties.

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New County Tax Assessor (TDLR #21281)

The New County Tax Assessor-Collector & Chief Deputy Orientation Course is approved by the Tax Assessor-Collectors Association of Texas for 2 hours of continuing education, and if successfully completed within 90 days of taking office, this course satisfies the requirement to complete constitutional and statutory training.

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Personnel Management in the Public Sector (TDLR #21674)

This course is designed to help supervisors and managers understand key components of personnel management. Topics examined include employer/employee communication, personnel policies, legal concerns, and best practices related to hiring, performance appraisals, disciplinary actions, and termination.

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Public Records: Release, Management and Retention

Did you know that email, internet posts, instant messages, and text messages are all subject to open records requests? This basic course in records management will help you understand public information requests, rights of requestors, your responsibilities of response, and the management duties of the county tax office.

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Registry of the Court

One of the areas of responsibility for District and County Clerks is to manage the registry of the court. This involves receiving funds and dispensing payments as ordered by the court. After completion, you will understand the purpose and setup of the registry, your role as a clerk and how to receive and dispense payments.

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Texas Citizen Planner: Community Planning for Hazards

Hear first-person perspectives about strategic approaches other Texas communities have used to link risk management with their ongoing community planning and vision. The art of good planning is about injecting long-term considerations into near-term actions.

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Texas Citizen Planner: Planning Foundations

The Texas Citizen Planner Program is for community stakeholders and local officials who want to understand how community planning works and how it shapes development. Each of the four classes includes reading materials, case studies, and engaging instruction from planning leaders, practitioners, and researchers.

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Texas Open Meetings Act (TDLR #21185)

Elected and appointed government officials are required by state law to receive training in Texas open government laws within 90 days of taking their oath of office. The V.G. Young Institute of County Government offers this online course, which has been approved by the Texas Attorney General's Office, to meet this mandate.

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Texas Property Tax Professionals Code of Ethics (TDLR #22663)

This 1-hour course covers the 7 tenets of the Code of Ethics and Sections 94.70, 94.71, 94.72 and 94.73 of the Property Tax Administrative Rules. This course has been approved by the Property Tax Assistance Division of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for all property tax professionals.

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Voter Registration and Chapter 19 Funds

The County Tax Assessor-Collector (TAC) is by statute the registrar of voters. Upon completion, Tax Assessor-Collectors will be able to describe duties for voter registration, understand the purpose and procedures for using and reporting of Chapter 19 funds, and list items that can and cannot be requested under Chapter 19.

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