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Choose from a variety of pest and weed control courses covering topics such as structural pest control, residential and school IPM, aerial applications, aquatic vegetation management, herbicides, minimizing spray drift, pest resistant plants and more.

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Herbicide - Mode of action CEU

Those who participate in this course will learn about herbicides, different modes of action, and different herbicide families. Pesticide applicators looking to receive 1 hour of credit for TDA pesticide general CEU can be earned with this course.

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IPM for School Gardens 101

Do you know how to apply IPM principles to your school garden as required by Texas state law? After this course, learners will know how IPM principles apply to school gardens, differentiate between harmful and beneficial insects, and more. District School IPM Coordinators can use this module as part of their education plan.

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Minimizing Spray Drift CEU

This course is for Texas Department of Agriculture Pesticide Applicators seeking TDA continuing education units (CEUs). This course provides 1- Drift Minimization CEU. Applicators who complete the course will gain knowledge of the factors affecting pesticide drift, such as inversion, spray nozzles, and drift factors.

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Picolinic Acid Chemistry Training

This Picolinic Acid Chemistry Training covers the application requirements for the use of Invora™ herbicide for brush and weed management on rangeland sites in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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Public Health Pest Management Category Training

This course is a blended course designed for state, county, local government noncommercial vector control technicians, and seasonal employees of the vector control agencies. Participants will receive certified training that will prepare them for the Public Health pest control category exam with TDA.

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Residential IPM

This class is for anyone wanting to learn how the pests in Texas and the south invade our homes. What are the most common pests and, more importantly, how do you prevent these pests from moving inside with you? Even if you live in an apartment, this lesson will help you keep your place pest and pesticide free!

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School IPM Refresher

This course is for new or veteran school IPM coordinators, school administrators, and others who need to understand the Texas school IPM requirements.

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Texas Lawn and Ornamental Pest Management

As urban areas expand and homeowners continue to want attractive lawns and landscapes, the use of pesticides to control plant pests has continued to grow. Take this course to become an apprentice and learn about pesticides and their proper use, as well as how to apply them for home, lawn, and other landscapes.

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Texas Pest Category Pest Management

Designed for Technician Apprentices, Technicians, and Certified Applicators with a Pest Category license, or others looking to advance their training in “Pest Category”. Through this course, you will learn basic and advanced instruction in pest management.

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Texas Private Pesticide Applicator Training

Prepare to take the Private Pesticide Applicator Exam administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture with this course designed for pesticide applicators in Texas. Private pesticide applicators use or supervise the use of restricted-use or state-limited-use pesticides or herbicides to produce an agricultural commodity.

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Texas Termite Category Pest Management

This course is for Technician Apprentices, Technicians, and Certified Applicators licensed in the Termite Category of the Structural Pest Control Service (SPCS), a division of Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Participants will gain an advanced understanding of termite identification, biology, and pest management.

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Texas Weed Category Pest Management

Any plant growing in the wrong place can be a weed. Crepe myrtles growing on a putting green would certainly be weeds. The same goes for bermudagrass growing in flower. Learn the basics of identifying and controlling weeds, as well as cultural practices, equipment, and application and reading labels correctly.

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