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Choose from a variety of online courses covering topics such as Basic Beef Cattle Production, Herd Management, Beef Quality Assurance, Cattle Evaluation, TAMU Horse Judging and more.

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TAMU Online Horse Judging

This course is designed for youth and collegiate horse judging team members, their coaches, and anyone interested in learning more about horse judging. Learning objectives include understanding the rules for each class, applying the judging guidelines to each class, and learning to articulate placings during oral reasons. Students can also preview the course before purchasing. 

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Generation Next: Our Turn to Ranch

The Generation Next curriculum targets new landowners, those who are inheriting land, or those who are looking to start a new agricultural operation on an existing ranch. 

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Sheep and Goat Ranching 101

This course is for beginners that want to learn more about raising sheep and goats. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension specialists guide you through the first steps to getting your operation started.

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Texas A&M Equine Reproductive Management Short Course

Gain exclusive full access to the recordings from all three days of the 2021 short course! The Texas A&M Equine Reproductive Management Short Course is designed for owners and breeding managers who want to learn the most efficient methods for ensuring the success of their breeding programs.

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Beef Quality Assurance

Students will learn about the best cattle management practices to ensure food safety and provide a high-quality beef product for consumers. They will also learn cattle handling practices and procedures that enhance environmental stewardship. Upon completion, the participant will be considered BQA certified.

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New Landowners Course

This course will provide new landowners with education on wildlife, livestock, forages, and land stewardship to help them learn basic land management concepts as they begin to make decisions about their land.

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Environmental Quality Management of Animal Feeding Operations

This course meets the requirements of TCEQ for CAFO operators located in the dairy outreach program area (DOPA). Successful completion by correctly answering all test questions for each module provides one hour of initial or continuing education training required by the TCEQ.

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Nuisance Odor Prevention Training for Poultry Producers

This course provides accreditation for poultry producers in nuisance odor prevention. Topics include methods for reducing odors, tips for land application of litter, and state-mandated odor control plans.

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Basic Beef Cattle Production

Learners will study cattle genetics, animal breeding, ruminant nutrition, cattle selection, reproduction, USDA beef grading, carcass fabrication, branded beef programs, and factors impacting consumer acceptance of beef.

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Beef Literacy

This course includes topics about feeding cattle, antibiotic use, technologies in beef production, feedyards, sustainability, the nutritional value of beef in the human diet, and environmental considerations in the beef cattle industry. This online class will show the learner the path beef takes from the ranch to the plate.

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Personal Hygienic Practices for Feed Personnel

This course meets the training requirement related to animal food hygiene and food safety and address the following: FSMA requirements including training and documentation; Importance of employee health and personal hygiene; and Responsibilities of supervisors, management and employees involved feed manufacturing.

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Drought Cattle Management

Participants in this course will learn about healthy and adequate water and forage availability, destocking, and nutrition programs for their beef program. Awareness and education on these issues are essential to make management adjustments and maintain a quality and profitable livestock program.

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