CDA Renewal Online Courses

Choose from a variety of online courses that count as training hours for CDA renewal requirements.

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Builders/Barriers in Emotional Development

Explore builders and barriers to social emotional development. Review the stages of social emotional development, the types and role of play, strategies for development of pro-social behavior and learn how to integrate songs and music experiences that enhance social emotional development.

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Classroom Planning and Management

Intentional teaching means carefully planning activities and experiences. Explore classroom organization and managing a classroom. Strategies to develop routines, encourage independence and enhance learning are discussed, as well as the importance of child assessment. Write purposeful lesson plans that come to life.

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Encouraging Communication, Creativity and Problem Solving in Young Children

Teachers encourage children to participate in experiences that actively engage them in communication, creativity, and problem solving. These core skills are critical in children's cognitive development. Strategies for effective verbal interactions, encouraging problem-solving, and integrating the creative arts are explored.

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Environments that Teach

Emphasizing an environment where children construct their knowledge, this course explores the importance of environments, setting up environments, and selecting appropriate materials. Ways to integrate the indoor and outdoor learning environments to infuse the natural world into the learning experience are discussed.

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Family Partnerships

Teachers partnering with families empower children to learn and grow. This course explores ways to communicate information to families, how families can become involved, barriers to family involvement, the impact of stress on families, and how to identify and share community resources that support families and children.

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Professionalism-Beliefs, Knowledge, Action

Early care and education is a service profession with quality as the key ingredient. Quality is not static. To provide quality services for children and families, early childhood teachers must follow an ethical code of conduct, make decisions based on knowledge and best practice, and use a professional development plan.

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Safe and Healthy Children

To create an environment in a center or classroom where children are empowered to learn and grow, teachers must first ensure children feel safe and well. Strategies for keeping children safe and healthy, teaching them to make safe, healthy choices, and communicating health and safety information to families are explored.

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Shared Responsibility for Behavior Guidance

Explore the causes, motivation and goals behind most behaviors. Discuss the different types of attachments between caregivers and children and how these attachments are formed and classroom strategies for guiding behaviors including the role of classroom design and classroom management plans.

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