Nutrition and Physical Activity Courses

Learn more about the topic of nutrition and physical activity for children. These child care provider training courses cover topics such as healthy weights, feeding young children, food allergies, food safety and more.

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10 Behaviors That Promote a Healthy Weight

Behaviors supporting a healthful weight in children will be discussed in context of their supporting research and recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Also discussed are sample preschool eating patterns recommended by the USDA MyPlate.

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Feeding Young Children with Special Food Needs

This course is intended for child care providers, parents, families, and other professionals that have children with special nutritional needs. It goes over what the parents of children with special medical conditions need to provide the child care providers in order for them to properly care for the children.

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Food Allergies and How to Manage Them

4 out of every 100 children have one or more food allergies. A food allergy can be life threatening. This course will equip child care providers with the latest regulations and standards related to food allergies in child care settings. Participants will learn how to manage food allergies in the day care and on field trips.

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Food Safety in the Classroom

There are many things one can do to help prevent foodborne illnesses from occurring, especially in children. This course is targeted towards child caregivers to discuss food safety practices in the preschool environment.

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Handling and Storing Breast Milk and Other Foods

Working in a child care setting can be such a rewarding, yet difficult job. Learn how to properly handle breast milk, formula, and other foods to help prevent food-borne illness. Food safety preventative measures will be discussed to help ensure you have a safe environment for babies and children.

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More Outside Play Please

"Getting the wiggles out" is not the sole purpose of outdoor play. This course helps teachers understand the importance of outdoor play and how to make it a priority. Safety aspects such as playground standards, inspections and equipment and creating the outdoor classroom as a part of the curriculum are explored.

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