Child Care and COVID-19 Courses

Choose from a variety of courses covering topics such as infection control measures, statewide programs available to providers, and how to operate during COVID-19.

When & How to Provide Child Care During COVID-19

This online course focuses on decision-making about when and how to operate child care programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, including strategies to address the financial impact of the pandemic on child care operations and their employees.

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Navigating Child Care Systems During COVID-19

This online course provides an overview of key statewide programs available to child care providers and parents during COVID-19, such as the Frontline Child Care Portal, and includes eligibility requirements and guidance on how to access them.

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Special Considerations for Infection Control During COVID-19

The purpose of this online course is to provide a basic overview and understanding of infection control measures that you can take in child care settings to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Personal, environmental, and community nonpharmaceutical interventions will be emphasized.

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Control de las infecciones con COVID-19

El propósito de este curso en línea es dar una visión general básica y la comprensión de las medidas de control de infecciones que se pueden tomar en entornos de cuidado infantil para prevenir la propagación del nuevo coronavirus que causa la COVID-19.

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High-Quality Emergency Child Care During COVID-19

Emergency child care settings have the potential to support children's developmental needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. This online course will review fundamental principles of child development and offer suggestions on how you can utilize them to make the most of emergency child care settings.

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Cuidado infantil de emergencia, COVID-19

Los entornos de cuidado infantil de emergencia brindan la posibilidad de contribuir a las necesidades de desarrollo de los niños durante la pandemia de COVID-19. Este curso en línea revisará los principios fundamentales del desarrollo infantil y ofrecerá sugerencias sobre cómo puede utilizarlos.

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