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Learn how to cook delicious and healthy recipes by enrolling in one of the online cooking classes below.

Cooking Well with Friends

Cooking Well with Friends is a four-lesson workshop that provides you with the knowledge and skills required to safely and effectively plan, prepare, freeze and cook healthy meals. This course is aimed at reaching active families to make mealtime easier by preparing healthy meals to freeze and keep on hand!

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Cooking Well Exploring Cultures

Cooking Well Exploring Cultures is a four-lesson series that aims to educate participants on nutrition, food safety, and healthy cooking techniques via an interest in cultural cuisine. The program includes recipes from India, the Philippines, the interior of Mexico, and Poland.

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Cooking Well with Diabetes

Cooking Well with Diabetes is an online cooking school class designed to help people with diabetes and anyone that prepares food for them. It is delivered in sections packed with researched-based information on management of type 2 diabetes and delicious diabetes-friendly recipes.

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