Course Information

This award-winning agricultural leasing workshop teaches landowners and people with an agricultural lease about the many legal and economic issues that pertain to ranchlands in Texas. Among other types of leases, this course applies to you if you lease your owned land or have a grazing lease, hunting lease and/or livestock lease.

This workshop will teach you...

  • The basics of a written agricultural lease agreement
  • The most common lease arrangements and payment structures
  • Possible terms included in an agricultural lease relating to termination
  • Resources for choosing a lease rate
  • Possible limitations included in a lease
  • Common lease terms related to mineral estates
  • Specific considerations for a hunting lease
  • The importance of liability coverage and insurance for an agricultural lease.

Over the last several years, instructors have held several workshops in Texas and 100% of the 1,200+ attendees say they would recommend this workshop to a friend.


2020 - Outstanding Extension Program Award from the Western Agricultural Economics Association

2017 - Superior Service Award from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

2017 - District 1 Team Teaching Award from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

2015-2016 - Outstanding Outreach Award from the Southern Extension Risk Management Education Center

Price: $75.00