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Are you a busy rancher and landowner wanting to learn about prescribed burning? This is the perfect self-guided, online course for you! 

This online course places an emphasis on fire behavior, how to employ the correct firing technique, and equipment & safety. After you have successfully completed this course, you will be eligible to schedule your official exam and field component to apply to become a Certified and Insured Prescribed Burn Manager (CIPBM) from the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Within each module, there is an introduction video providing an overview of the course. This is followed by web pages with valuable information. Modules may contain other handouts that further explore the information. This 24 hour course will cover the burn school course requirements to apply for a private, commercial, or not-for-profit prescribed burn manager license from TDA.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the history of fire as an ecological tool 
  • Evaluate fuels present across many environments according to their defining characteristics  
  • Describe fire behavior according to physical and chemical principles 
  • Prepare for weather conditions as they relate to burning 
  • Discuss the impact topographic influences have on fire behavior 
  • Analyze the effect that fire has on plant communities and wildlife habitat
  • Plan a prescribed burn 
  • Identify proper burning equipment and safety techniques 
  • Employ proper firing technique according to the prescribed burn goals and objectives
  • Mitigate smoke impacts 
  • Understand laws and regulations regarding prescribed burning 
  • Evaluate potential burn sites

Take the next step to restoring and rejuvenating your rangeland by enrolling in the Prescribed Burn School today!

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