Course Information

Texas 4-H Basics of Robotics is a 7-week online training course for adults and youth interested in learning the basics of building and programming the Lego EV3 Robot. Content includes easy-to-follow instructional videos, printable resources and weekly challenges.

A computer with LEGO Mindstorm EV3 software and a base EV3 kit are required.

Challenges include:

  • Sort & Build: Organize the LEGO pieces, install software and build your robot.
  • Driving School: Program using the motor blocks and learn how to drive your robot.
  • Stay in Touch: Design and build a touch sensor attachment and learn how to use a loop structure.
  • Eyes of the Robot: Explore the Color Sensor (Light Sensor) and the Ultrasonic Sensor.
  • Design like an Engineer: Learn how engineers design new products and solve complex challenges through the Engineering Design Process.
  • Helping Hand: Add a motorized arm to your robot and program the arm to move, pick up, and drop items.
  • How Far, How Fast: Use your robot to measure distance and velocity and how adjusting systems affect them.

Materials needed:

  • One LEGO EV3 kit
  • One computer with LEGO Mindstorm EV3 software installed
  • Additional materials will be listed in each challenge
Price: $10.00