Course Information

This course is part of a online curriculum series to help reach SNAP-Ed/Better Living for Texans (BLT) audiences across the state of Texas. Better Living for Texans is a nutrition education program for adults and children that are SNAP participants and SNAP eligible. The BLT program helps people make healthy meals, improve their physical fitness, save money at the grocery store, grow their own foods, and adopt better food safety habits.

There are four sessions in the "A Fresh Start to a Healthier You!" series. Sessions will be made available weekly. You can complete the session at any time throughout the week.

Course Goals

  • Increase confidence in cooking healthy meals for yourself and your family
  • Reduce stress related to shopping on a budget
  • Enjoy more fruits and vegetables daily

Course Outline

This course will be presented as follows:

  • Session 1 - Creating Safe and Healthier Meals
  • Session 2 - Balancing Your Day
  • Session 3 - Saving More at the Grocery Store
  • Session 4 - Celebrating Small Bites

Certification Requirements

After completing the four sessions you will receive a certificate of completion!

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